Photo by  Ebru Yildiz

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Devery Doleman: Lead vocal

Lawrence Kim: Guitar, lead vocal

Julie Rozansky: Bass, backing vocal

Nate Smith: Drums

Scam Avenue was born one sunny afternoon when Devery met Lawrence for the first time at a bar in north Brooklyn.

Lawrence: “At the time I was coming out of a two-guitars-bass-drums situation and I felt like doing something different, something a little less guitar-centric. I had a bunch of songs in that vein I didn’t know what to do with. I thought finding a new collaborator—someone outside my usual musical circle—could spark some ideas. So I posted a Craigslist ad.”

Devery: “I had been looking for a new project after the band I fronted for 6 years dissolved and I was drawn to Lawrence's ad in part because it was not written in all caps and was written in complete sentences. He sent me a Soundcloud link and I immediately loved the songs and wanted to work on them.”

They recorded a few demos in Lawrence’s bedroom and liked the results. It was time to think of a name. 

Devery: “‘Scam Avenue’ is a nickname for the main drag of the neighborhood where Lawrence and I met. It comes from a blog detailing the shenanigans of a guy in the neighborhood. I walked by his building every day and would see some new insanity. At one point he chased a neighbor down the street with a chainsaw.”

Shows followed, and they quickly realized they wanted to augment their sound. Enter their friend Nate Smith (drums), formerly of NYC synthrock heroes Shy Child, and Julie Rozansky (bass), formerly of The Art of Shooting.

When asked who has influenced their music, Lawrence responds “The Beach Boys and Can. Mainly.”